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Dessert cupcakes with hazelnuts and chocolate

Dessert cupcakes with hazelnuts and chocolate

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Flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt are sifted together in a bowl. Coconut milk, sugar, oil, lemon juice and vanilla essence mix well, then add the solid ingredients, mix and then add the coarsely chopped hazelnuts.

We prepare the muffin tray, we place the special papers in each cavity, then we add in each paper the composition, they do not have to be full, they grow in the oven. My tray has 12 cavities, 22 pieces came out, the second tray only came out 10 pieces. Allow to cool well, I made them the night before.

Cream: It is important to have a maximum quality chocolate 50% cocoa, and coconut milk to be concentrated. We open the box with coconut milk and transfer it to a bowl so that we can homogenize it. In a stainless steel bowl, break the chocolate, add the coconut milk and then place the bowl on a steam bath, mix until the chocolate melts, then let it cool for a few good hours, then mix well until you get a fine, frothy cream. We put the cream in a posh and decorate the cupcakes with cream and decorate them with white ornaments.