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Risotto with cuttlefish ink

Risotto with cuttlefish ink

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The risotto with cuttlefish ink it is a first course that contains all the scent and flavor of the sea. It is a dish that I love, but it's not that easy to find at the restaurant, usually in the menus it is more obvious to find the classic seafood risotto that you like, but I usually prepare it myself at home. So I armed myself with cuttlefish and set to work to be able to eat one of my favorite risottos.
Before leaving you to the recipe, I give you two tips: cleaning the seppia be very careful not to break the bag with the cuttlefish ink before putting it in a small bowl, you would risk blowing the whole preparation and also keep a handful of seafood to add directly to the plates, otherwise the dish will be all black and therefore not very appealing to the eye;)


How to make squid ink risotto

Clean the cuttlefish starting to remove the bone.
Then remove the entrails, the eyes and the beak, then peel it.
Here you will find the complete guide. Finally, cut it into strips.

Gently remove the cuttlefish ink bag, then put it in a small bowl and get the black you will need for the preparation of your risotto.

In a large pan, sauté the chopped shallot in 50 grams of oil.
Add the cuttlefish, let it flavor a few minutes and then add the shrimps.
Cook for about 2 minutes over low heat, stirring.

Then add the rice and toast it for a couple of minutes, then blend it with the wine.

Continue cooking the rice by adding a ladle of broth at a time.

Halfway through cooking add the cuttlefish ink.
When there are a few minutes left to cook, add salt and pepper.
Turn off the heat and put some pecorino and the remaining 20 grams of oil.
Whisk and add fresh parsley at the end.

Your squid ink risotto is ready to be brought to the table.

For 6 people

  • 400 g carnaroli rice
  • 100 g butter
  • 40 g parmesan
  • ½ onion
  • 80 g cuttlefish ink
  • 1 tablespoon of tomato paste
  • nutmeg
  • 100 g Blue Bisalta
  • 3 dl white wine
  • salt and pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Slice the onion and brown it over low heat in a pan. Add the white wine, raise the heat and shortly afterwards the cuttlefish ink and the tomato paste. Continue cooking for a few minutes, then scrape some nutmeg and pass the black through a sieve and cool.

Melt a knob of butter in a saucepan, add the rice, add salt, toast it, sprinkle it with white wine and then start cooking with the fish stock. When almost cooked, add the squid ink and then whisk with extra virgin olive oil, butter and a little Parmesan.

Let the risotto rest for 2 minutes and in the meantime cut the Bisalta Blu cheese previously placed in the freezer into curls.

Arrange the rice in a bowl, place some curls of cheese on it and decorate with borage flowers. Serve immediately.

10 ways to use squid ink in the kitchen

But if it's so beneficial and can be used in different recipes, why doesn't everyone use it? Out of laziness! The cuttlefish ink is extracted from the inside of the cuttlefish and has a high blotting power. For this reason, when cleaning the cuttlefish, they use disposable gloves or put the cuttlefish in the freezer for four hours (time needed for the bags to become semi-frozen) avoiding that the bags can break easily and get dirty everywhere.

The simplest alternative, if you don't have big claims, is to buy del cuttlefish ink already packaged and ready for use.

Whether fresh or packaged, here's how to use squid ink in the kitchen:

Squid ink arancini

The very famous Sicilian arancini can also be black. Fry the shallot in oil and then add the diced cuttlefish, later adding the rice to be toasted and deglaze with the wine. Continue cooking with a ladle at a time of vegetable broth, after five minutes add the black liquid of the cuttlefish and five minutes before the rice is ready, add the peas. Stir in a little butter and let everything cool well before forming the arancini which will be passed in beaten eggs, breadcrumbs and then fried in plenty of boiling oil.

Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink

Spaghetti is the best known combination to be made with sepia ink but also one of the simplest. After cleaning the cuttlefish, putting the bag aside, cut it into strips and brown it in a pan with garlic and oil. After a few minutes it will be blended with white wine and add the cuttlefish ink and a little salt. Once the spaghetti is cooked in boiling salted water, drained and put in a pan with the sauce, it will be necessary to mix everything and serve with fresh parsley.

Risotto with cuttlefish ink

A good dish of risotto with cuttlefish ink comes first from a chopped shallot and browned in oil in a pan. Once the cleaned and chopped cuttlefish has been added and seasoned, the shrimps are added and then the rice to be toasted and deglaze with the white wine. The cooking will proceed with a ladle of vegetable broth at a time and at the end add salt, pepper and chopped fresh parsley, stirring with pecorino cheese and a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil.

Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia (fresh, dried, with egg)

When we say: “Today pasta with cuttlefish ink” we don't always refer to its sauce. The cuttlefish ink can in fact be added as an ingredient in the preparation of pasta with water and flour or egg pasta, thus creating maltagliati to be used with seafood, ravioli to be stuffed with a filling of fish, spaghetti alla chitarra and etc.

potato gnocchi

The same goes for potato gnocchi. You can add black throughout the dough or put only half of it, in this way you get a dish with a mixed color (a little white and a little black) and with two slightly different flavors. If you want to follow this advice, remember to add a little more flour to the mixture with the squid ink and then cook the dark gnocchi for a few minutes before plunging even the white ones into boiling water.

Cuttlefish in black

Typical of Venetian cuisine, cuttlefish in black are a very tasty second course. To bring them to the table, they must be heated in garlic oil, to be lifted later, and add the cuttlefish which will be cooked for about 15 minutes. After having salted and peppered them, add the squid ink, blend everything with the wine and then add a little tomato sauce. After cooking for about 20 minutes, when the sauce has thickened, the cuttlefish will be served with chopped fresh parsley and perhaps accompanied with pieces of polenta.

If you put a little black in the bread dough that you usually make at home (and reduce a little salt), a nice dark one with a very delicate flavor will come out. By doing this you can prepare small sandwiches to be filled with salmon burgers or octopus carpaccio, the aesthetic aspect of this bread will be a success.

Beat the black in the egg white and dip the food into it to then turn it in the breadcrumbs. In this way you will have added additional flavor to your fish meatloaf or the breading of the fish that you have to fry in oil or bake in the oven.

If you want to add an extra touch of flavor to your fish dishes, you can sprinkle the recipes with a little black powder. To make it, you need to cook the black liquid in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli and add a little tomato pulp and water. Transfer the cream obtained into a baking tray lined with parchment paper and dry at 80 ° C in ventilated mode. Once you have a dry sheet, use it to crumble it on your plates.


Heat some extra virgin olive oil with the garlic and add the black liquid, letting it rub for just a few minutes. Then turn off the heat, let it cool completely and add some white wine vinegar and simple oil to dress a vegetable side dish or a fish salad. The cooked part, on the other hand, the non-emulsified part, to be clear, can be used to brush a dish in which to serve risotto (perhaps with squid ink) or any other fish-based recipe.

Risotto with cuttlefish ink

Risotto with cuttlefish ink is a much loved and well-known first course of fish throughout the country.The recipe takes its name from the black liquid that cuttlefish produce.

  • 500 gr. of vialone nano or carnaroli rice
  • 500 gr. of cuttlefish
  • ½ onion
  • 1 liter of vegetable broth
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ½ glass of dry white wine
  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • Butter to taste
  • Salt to taste.


1. Carefully clean the cuttlefish by removing the bone and cut them into thin strips. Keep the ink bags aside.

2. In a pan, sauté the previously chopped onion and garlic, sauté and add the cuttlefish.

3. Cook the cuttlefish for about twenty minutes adding a little vegetable broth.

4. When the broth has almost completely evaporated, add the squid ink and salt to taste.

5. Add the rice and deglaze with the white wine. Cook the squid ink risotto, gradually adding the broth until cooked. Stir in the squid ink risotto with a knob of butter and serve hot.

For 10 people

  • 500 g of carnaroli rice
  • 1 kg of cuttlefish with its black
  • 1/2 clove of garlic
  • 1 shallot
  • 30 g of parsley
  • 2 sprigs of thyme
  • 60 g of white wine
  • 1.5 liters of fish stock
  • 50 g of butter
  • 20 g of garlic oil
  • 40 g of Parmesan cheese
  • 5 gold leaves
  • 100 g of mango pulp
  • 30 g of sugar
  • 15 g of sake
  • 300 g of fresh squid
  • fried parsley stalks to taste

Clean the cuttlefish, retrieve the ink bag, then thoroughly clean the cuttlefish pulp, cut into small cubes.

Cut the squid bodies into long and thin slices, season them with a little oil and salt, and a drop of sak & egrave.

Prepare a mango coulis with 1 quantity of mango and 1/3 of sugar and lemon juice, pass everything through a Chinese colander and then form a meatball.

Prepare a sauté with a little oil, garlic and shallot, brown and then add the cuttlefish cubes, cook over high heat for 5 minutes, add the rice, pour in the white wine and let it evaporate, add the cuttlefish ink and then add the fish stock, continue cooking for about 14 minutes.

Stir in the rice with fresh butter, garlic oil and a very small amount of Parmesan cheese, flavor with a little thyme and chopped parsley.

Pour the risotto in the center of each plate, overlap the squid noodles and the gold leaf, decorate the outside of the risotto with a drizzle of mango coulis creating a chromatic contrast, finish with some fried parsley stalks, serve .

How to prepare squid ink risotto with prawns

To prepare the risotto with cuttlefish ink and prawns, start by preparing the vegetable broth and continue finely chopping the shallot 1. Proceed with cleaning the fish: peel the prawns 2. Once cleaned externally, proceed with the removal of the intestine by cutting the back of the shrimp and removing it delicately with a toothpick, being careful not to break it 3. Keep the shrimp aside.

Take the cuttlefish and cut them into 4 thin strips, keeping the tentacles whole which with their curled shapes will serve to decorate the risotto. Wash and dry the parsley thoroughly, then chop very finely 5. Now take a pan with a non-stick bottom and high sides in which you will fry the shallot with 50 g of oil 6, continuing to mix.

After 5-6 minutes it will be well browned: add the cuttlefish 7 and also the prawns in the pan 8: cook the fish, stirring them constantly so that they do not stick to the bottom of the pan for about 2 minutes over low heat. Then add the rice 9 and let it toast for a further 3 minutes, also stirring constantly.

Finally add the wine 10: let it evaporate. Now add the vegetable broth 11: add a ladle every time the previous one has been totally absorbed. Halfway through cooking add the cuttlefish ink 12.

When there are 3-4 minutes left until the risotto is cooked, season with salt 13 and pepper. Turn off the heat and stir in 20 g of oil 14 and grated cheese 15. Mix the ingredients well to mix them.

Sprinkle with parsley 16 and mix all the ingredients well again until they are completely blended 17. Then serve your risotto with cuttlefish ink and prawns 18 and bring this delight to the table!

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Preparation - Risotto with cuttlefish ink

1. Prepare the vegetable broth, bringing it to a boil. Meanwhile, heat up the 8217extra virgin olive oil with the clove of & # 8217garlic And four anchovy fillets. Mash them well with the wooden spoon to melt them.

2. Add the rice and toast it. Check that the beans are hot, then blend with the glass of White wine. Cook further until the wine evaporates. Now add the broth until the rice is well covered.

3. When the rice is almost dry, add the cuttlefish ink, mix well, then add the broth until the rice is covered (never add it all because you may not need the whole amount). Taste and adjust if necessary salt And pepper.

4. Almost cooked, cut the remaining two anchovy fillets into small pieces. When the broth has almost completely evaporated, add them to the risotto. Turn off the heat, stir in a knob of butter and let it rest for a few minutes before serving.

And here is a picture of this delicious risotto with cuttlefish ink, ready to be enjoyed:

Risotto with squid ink - Recipes

The color of this risotto might impress a little, but I assure you that despite all the flavor it is very good & # 8230 sure, maybe avoid smiling too much while you are eating p

Ingredients for 4 people:

& # 8226 300 gr rice
& # 8226 200 gr cuttlefish cleaned
& # 8226 2 bags of squid ink
& # 8226 1/2 white onion
& # 8226 1 clove of garlic
& # 8226 2 tbsp of tomato paste
& # 8226 1/2 glass of white wine
& # 8226 1/2 liter lukewarm comic
& # 8226 6 tablespoons of oil
& # 8226 parsley
& # 8226 salt and pepper to taste

1. After rinsing the cuttlefish under running water, cut them into strips and set aside.

2. In a pan, heat the oil together with the thinly sliced ​​onion, the minced garlic and the parsley, cook over medium heat until the onion is wilted.

3. Add the cuttlefish, sauté them for 1-2 minutes flavoring them with the tomato paste.

4. Once the cuttlefish has been sautéed, pour the white wine and half a glass of hot water into the pan, lower the heat and cook slowly for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

5. In the meantime, dilute the cuttlefish ink with the comic.

6. After 20 minutes of cooking the cuttlefish, add the black liquid to the pan, season with salt and raise the heat slightly to bring to a boil.

7. Once it has boiled, pour the rice into the pan, let it cook over moderate heat, stirring often, adding, if necessary, more hot water if the rice gets too dry.

8. Cook the rice for about 15 minutes, when cooked add a sprinkling of pepper and to garnish, if you like, some lemon zest.

Risotto with cuttlefish ink


Good. Beautiful your post, beautiful photos of your baby with his mouth smeared with black sauce. and congratulations for the recipe, as a good Venetian I read it calmly, you know for us the rice with squid ink is sacred, and it is perfect. I don't follow the Thermomix method, I'm sorry, I like risotto to pamper it from the first to the last minute, but I see that your results are excellent.

I really appreciate your comment, thank you! :-) Told by a Venetian I take it as a double compliment! :-) I followed my mother's instructions and at this point we can say that from Venice to Messina, the cuttlefish ink sauce is cooked at the same way! :-) Thanks for stopping by :-) see you soon

But stellaaaa! Except you did a perfect interview .. you couldn't have said better things !! But I wanted to see you !! Office You know, I don't have the Thermomix but this risotto is nothing short of delicious .. and how your baby appreciated :))) A hug darling!

Dear Ely, the Thermomix gives me a hand, but I'm sure that even without Thermomix you know how to prepare perfect risottos that are only good if you put good ingredients - in this case from oil, to cuttlefish, to true black (not the sachet) with rice. The process is like cooking in the pot, except you don't have to check if it burns. does it all by itself! a hug to you too!:-)

Congratulations on the answer to the interview!
The rice is special to try instead of the usual pasta.
Even the grown-ups do the race :)
Good day!

Dear Maria Luisa, many congratulations for the beautiful blog! We want to invite you to discover a new way to disseminate, share and search for recipes online: through beautiful Italian food images, in a portal to eat with your eyes.

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