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Recycle Last Night's Wine Bottles Into Home Décor

Recycle Last Night's Wine Bottles Into Home Décor

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Solutions for reusing the party's leftover bottles

Still cleaning up the mess from the party this weekend? (Maybe the Mad Men soirée you hosted?) Don't toss the bottles just yet — wine bottles can be easily recycled into unique home décor. Here's a roundup of DIY solutions for the leftover bottles:

The first (and easiest) to come to mind: DIY flower vases. Hostess with the Mostest demonstrates that with some hot water and adhesive remover, labels easily peel off and the bottles can be made into a simple way to show off spring blooms. And hold onto the corks; they add a pop to a floral arrangement.

Reuse the bottles for other drinks, like lemonade or water. With a good rinse and new labels, they make a chic decanter.

Wine bottles make surprising lighting options. If you have old Christmas lights hanging around, push them into the wine bottle and voilà — a festive light. For a new table centerpiece, rinse out clear bottles to make candle holders. Lined up on a long table, they add a certain Beauty and the Beast vibe to a dinner party. Another candle option: cut the bottom off to make a DIY hurricane lantern.

For handy crafters who aren't afraid of a power tool: a wine bottle chandelier adds a whimsical touch to a kitchen, or a DIY wine bottle tiki torch. Who wouldn't notice those at your next summer party?

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