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Pasta with spinach and tomatoes (fasting)

Spinach pasta:

Bring a little salted water to a boil. When it boils, add the spinach leaves and bring to a boil until soft. Pour into a sieve and let drain and cool.

Pass the spinach leaves with a fork, add the olive oil, salt and then the flour, until you get an elastic and non-sticky dough.

For stretching and cutting I used the pasta machine. If you do not have a machine, spread the dough on the floured table, in a thin sheet. Roll, then cut into strips with a sharp knife.

The pasta is then spread on the floured table and left to dry a little.

Easter with tomatoes:

We pass the tomatoes. Mix in a bowl the pasta obtained with salt and olive oil, then add enough flour to obtain an elastic and non-sticky dough.

For cutting, proceed just like with spinach pasta.

Boil the pasta in salted water for no more than 2-3 minutes. Drain the water and pass under a stream of cold water.

You can serve them with whatever you like. I used vegetables.

Beans and corn kernels are boiled in salted water, then put in a strainer.

Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, then add the vegetables and "stir" for a few minutes. Add the crushed garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

We mix the pasta and vegetables in a bowl and ... the meal is ready. :)

300 g of pasta
100 g of dried tomatoes
300 g of baby spinach
5 tablespoons olive oil (you can use olive oil from the jar in which the tomatoes were
1 teaspoon grated oregano, salt to taste
3-4 tablespoons parmesan (you can give up parmesan if you want the recipe to be vegetarian)

From the title you can realize that the preparation of this recipe is as simple as possible. Boil the pasta, let it drain, after passing it through a stream of cold water. Put them in a large bowl. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Boil the spinach for 2-3 minutes in boiling water, let it drain. Add over the pasta the tomatoes, spinach, oregano and olive oil, salt to taste. Sprinkle with parmesan. Serve with gusto!

Pasta with tomato and olive sauce

A portion of pasta is always a good idea for a delicious lunch. Healthy, fast, full, tasty and fasting! Below we tell you the best pasta recipe with tomato and olive sauce, for a quick and satisfying meal!

Pasta recipe with tomato and olive sauce & # 8211 fasting pasta:

We start with the pasta, which is boiled according to the instructions on the package. Then pass through a stream of cold water and allow to drain.

For the tomato sauce, finely chop the onion and garlic and fry in hot oil. Extinguish with wine folded in water and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the olives, tomato juice and diced tomatoes. OPTIONAL, you can use marinara sauce.

Let the tomato sauce simmer for 15-20 minutes, until it thickens, then season to taste with salt, pepper and oregano.

The cooked pasta, after it has cooled, put it in a bowl and mix it with 2-3 drops of oil. Add the tomato sauce with the olives over the pasta and mix gently. That's how you easily and quickly made the best pasta with tomato and olive sauce.

Pasta with tomato and olive sauce & # 8211 recipe

The pasta is served hot, and Parmesan and fresh basil can be sprinkled on top.

Spaghetti with spinach and tomatoes

When you are in Italy, eat like the Italians! It is not like that?! & # 128578 Ever since I arrived in Milan, I've been eating pasta hard! I am not at all used to eating pasta so often, but they are made easily, quickly, there are a lot of types of pasta here and they are also cheap.

It's true that I was kind of & ldquofortada & rdquo by the circumstances to keep this pasta-based diet. I am a little disappointed to notice that in stores there is not the same variety as in Bucharest, when it comes to greens, vegetables and fresh fruits. Not only are there a lot of types of vegetables and fruits that are completely missing, but they are also 3 times the price as in the country & hellip

At home I used to eat pasta once a month, now & helliple I eat 5 times a week! :)) I will have to start doing sports & hellipaltfel all these pastas will seriously damage the figure. & # 128578

The good part is that I started, slowly, slowly, to discover new supermarkets. Even if it is not compared to those in the country, when it comes to the variety of fruits and vegetables, some are really nice and affordable. Just the other day I caught some super offers for fresh spinach, valerian, salad mixes and arugula. Also, canned legumes and beans are extremely cheap! Even cheaper than in the country. So, I can't wait to eat some hummus, I'm tired of pasta! & # 128539

But I will tell you more about my experience in Milan, in the new Travel section of the blog. I will tell you how to find your rent here, how the transport system works in the city, which are the best supermarkets and last but not least, which are the coolest bars and restaurants! & # 128578

Let me now return to this recipe spaghetti with spinach and tomatoes & hellip, the simpler it is, the more delicious it is! I loved it! The good part is that you don't have to dirty a lot of dishes. All the preparation is done in the same pot in which they cooked the pasta. I hope you enjoy!

Have you never tried this type of soup? You need to know that in addition to the delicious taste.


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Tart with tomatoes and spinach

& # 8211 a double (thicker) sheet of dough for the pie
& # 8211 1 tablespoon olive oil
& # 8211 a finely chopped onion
& # 8211 8 spinach leaves (or 4 thawed rolls)
& # 8211 ½ cup of grated or chopped feta cheese
& # 8211 a big tomato cut into pieces
& # 8211 2 eggs
& # 8211 a cup of milk
& # 8211 a nutmeg powder.

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put the sheet of dough in a tray, but do not put it in the oven yet. In a Teflon pan, put the onion to harden in olive oil and keep over medium heat until it acquires a golden, translucent color. Then place in a bowl with the finely chopped spinach leaves and set aside. On the dough sheet, then spread the grated cheese evenly over the entire surface and add in the same way the spinach together with the hardened onions and the tomato pieces.
Mix separately beaten eggs, milk and nutmeg until smooth and pour over the pie sheet prepared with the other ingredients. This, in addition to the flavor given to the preparation, also has the role of binding the composition of the tart. Leave in the oven for about 50 minutes - 1 hour and serve hot or cold.

Other filters about Easter

Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach is delicious due to the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. Their color but also their nutritional intake.

Easter is the basis for fast food. You have two possibilities: either you can make them yourself, or you can buy them. Because.

Easter is a type of food that is prepared very quickly. In addition, pasta is tasty and healthy if prepared correctly.

The dishes are, in fact, Italian pasta, similar to macaroni, being empty on the inside. The great tenor Enrico Caruso, originally from.

Homemade ravioli are stuffed pasta from Italian cuisine that have conquered the whole world. They are quite easy to prepare, although they require.

Pasta is great for children and can be introduced from 10 months in their diet, those without gluten, then from one year.

Pasta with broth is easy, quick to prepare and very nutritious. Easter is good for your child because it is a source.

Cauliflower pasta is an inspired choice for dinner, during the nine months of pregnancy, due to its caloric content.

Spaghetti with Neapolitan sauce are ideal to provide a nutritious meal for your child, which will benefit from protein, vitamins and.

Pumpkin and lemon pasta can be a perfect recipe for a light, delicious and healthy dinner. Lemon is rich in vitamin C.


I gathered in a collection 19 fasting pasta recipes which you can prepare whenever you want a delicious recipe without animal products. With a little imagination, fasting can be easy, with tasty food, cooked easily and quickly, the recipes are healthy, beautifully colored, which turns them into appetizing dishes.

Regardless of the type of pasta used in the recipes below, they do not contain eggs.

Below you will find recipes with pasta without meat and dairy, which you can prepare during Lent, Christmas, Lent of St. Peter and Paul or the Holy Sea. Sometimes you can be uninspired, so the recipes I suggest will help you prepare a quick, tasty and healthy dinner.

I managed to prepare 300 fasting recipes. You can find them all grouped by food, soup, appetizer or dessert click here. Fasting pasta recipes I'm already in that collection, but I thought I'd put them separately so you don't scroll

down too far until you reach them.

Even if fasting pasta recipes are prepared with spaghetti, penne or tagliatelle without eggs, they are boiled according to the package instructions. Do not boil them excessively, to get some baked pasta, because they will not be tasty.

Keep in mind that 100 g of pasta is boiled in a liter of water to which 1 teaspoon of salt is added. Do not put oil in the water in which it boils.

Pasta does not rinse after boiling, as starch helps the sauces stick better to them.

Now I let you discover my collection of fasting pasta recipes.

Click on the title of the desired recipe and you will be directed to the recipe!

  • For the yellow one, add an egg to 100 gr of flour.
  • For the red one I put 3 tablespoons of beet juice, an egg +200 gr of flour.
  • For the green one I put 3 tablespoons of boiled spinach, an egg +200 gr flour.
  • For the black one an egg, a black sepia sachet, + 150 gr flour.
  • Ingredients for the sauce:
  • 200g sour cream for cooking, 4 tablespoons grated cheese and a tablespoon of butter.

How to prepare the recipe for colorful pasta with beetroot, spinach and black cuttlefish with sour cream sauce?

First make the dough for each, from the ingredients given to each color. A hard dough should result, then, each ball is wrapped in foil and left on the table to rest for 30 minutes.

During this time the dough relaxes and will spread more easily.

Spread the yellow dough on the table sprinkled with flour, then put colored strips over it and spread it once more.
Cut circles and form the flower as in the photo.

Colored pasta with beets, spinach, black cuttlefish

The dough should not be stretched very thinly.
Put the pasta obtained on the tray and then freeze it, and when it is frozen you can put it in bags.

200 gr sour cream for cooking, 4 tablespoons of grated cheese and a tablespoon of butter are put on the fire until the cheese melts.
Remove from the heat and immediately add an egg yolk and mix until all the yolks are incorporated.
Boil the pasta in salted water for 6-7 minutes, drain and then put over the sauce.
I learned this recipe here in Italy and it is my favorite.

Do not boil pasta too badly must be stronger.

When spreading the paste, do not make it very thin because it does not stick to the shape.

Pasta colored with beets, spinach

You can cut colorful geometric shapes and put over the yellow paste: circles, stars, so you will get different colored pasta.

The recipe and photos belong to Gigi Vulturu and participate with this recipe in the Great Winter Contest 2019: cook and win

In a pot with a capacity of 1.5 l, bring water (1 l) to a boil together with a pinch of salt.

Spinach (if it will be frozen, it will be put in boiling water directly from the bag, without being thawed, and if fresh spinach is used, then it will be cleaned of stalks, washed very well, then boiled) it is boiled for approx. 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a small Teflon pan with oil when heated, it will set onion cleaned and finely chopped (sauteed) about 2-3 minutes.

Garlic it will be cut into slices and added at the end (for flavor).

Spinach boiled, it will drain in a strainer (possibly you can keep 1 cup of juice), and will be transferred to the blender to mix (3-4 minutes), together with onion saute, until it becomes a piure cremos.

In the same pan where the onion was sautéed, transfer it spinach puree, adding cornstarch (or boiled and grated potato on a small grater), letting it boil in two or two, thus becoming more viscous and thick (because it is used as a dish, not as a garnish).

Spinach puree will season to taste with salt and pepper.

Being a fasting food, spinach puree will be consumed with toast or toasted bread croutons in the oven or in a Teflon pan.

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Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

Tricks and ideas

Spinach it can be served with mashed potatoes and a fresh mushroom sauce, thus becoming a more consistent lunch for fasting days.