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Grandpa's trout

Grandpa's trout

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I saw Jamie on TV saying that this recipe was made by his grandfather. I was amazed after I prepared the trout in such a way that it can be so tasty.

  • 2 trout
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 link green parsley
  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 2 large boiled potatoes
  • pepper

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


  1. clean and wash the trout,

  2. season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with lemon juice.

  3. fill with lemon slices and chopped green parsley.

  4. fried in a pan in very little oil, it will result in a wonderful crust.

  5. I served it with a garnish of lightly sliced ​​boiled potatoes in another pan with just as little oil, I garnished it with red peppers, the garnish is from me, not from my grandfather ']

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the trout washed at the end with water with vinegar or sprinkled with lemon and wiped will no longer be slippery.

The tomb of Mihai Eminescu's grandfather was found. The mystery of the poet's origins, elucidated

A team of specialists and people of culture from Botoşani County found the grave of Mihai Eminescu's grandfather, Vasile Eminovici, considered lost 100 years ago. Specialists also explain a number of lesser known things about the origin of the great poet, notes Adevărul.

Apparently, a lot is known about Mihai Eminescu and his family. In fact, given the large number of studies and specialists in the biography and creation of the great poet, the hypothesis could be advanced that there is nothing more to discover about Eminescu.

In reality, however, there are many aspects of the poet's life unknown or interpretable, and this is proved by the discovery made by a group of researchers from the Ipoteşti Memorial and by people of culture from Botoşani County.

The researchers found in the Suceava village Călineştii lui Cuparencu the tomb of Eminescu's paternal grandfather, a little known character, but who can change many of the stereotypes attached to the poet.

Specialists claim that Eminescu was not a Moldovan get-beget, as most Romanians believe, but, on the contrary, would have had Transylvanian, Polish and even Russian origins.

Through his paternal grandfather, say the specialists, it was found that Mihai Eminescu was far from Moldovan get-beget, as it is known to the general public, but was, most likely, half Transylvanian.

His grandfather, Vasile Eminovici, came from Blaj and arrived in Bucovina only at the beginning of the 19th century.

& # 8220Eminovics came from Transylvania, from the city of Blaj. This is the latest and most argued version. And if we open the geographical dictionaries from 1908, we find that this village, Călineştii lui Cuparencu, was populated with inhabitants from Transylvania. And so it is confirmed with this finding from the dictionary that he came from Transylvania, from Blaj, where he had also attended school & # 8221, says Ala Sainenco, researcher and director of the Eminescu Memorial from Ipoteşti.

The tomb is guarded by a stone cross, with carved motifs, but also an inscription in Cyrillic that clearly attests that there rests the robe of God, Vasile Eminovici & # 8221.

The inscription on the cross attests, among other things, the profession that Vasile Eminovici had, namely chaplain, that is, teacher and leader of the church choir. However, the specialists say that Vasile Eminovici was also a teacher in the village.

& # 8220The last line on the cross is interpretable. We understood it as a hat & # 8221, adds Ala Sainenco.

The tomb was first searched in 1922, by Vasile Gherasim, in Călinești. The man had received indications that the cross of the tomb should have been in the old cemetery, but he did not find it, which is why he said that Vasile Eminovici's tomb is unknown, the researchers also note.

Prince Harry's subtle and emotional tribute to "Philip" Prince Philip

In his statement, Prince Harry easily summed up the Duke of Edinburgh as "the master of the barbecue, the legend of the beating and naughty to the end."

He ended the message by thanking his 'grandfather' for 'your service, your devotion to your grandmother and for always being yourself' and said that he and his family, his wife Meghan Markle, his son Archie and their unborn daughter, they will always have a "special place for you in our hearts."

But this parting message was not the only one. The one that really touched everyone's heart was the Latin message, which is also the motto of the Royal Navy.

Harry, 36, quoted the Royal Navy's motto: "Per Mare, Per Terram", meaning "On the sea, on land".

Philip was captain-general of the Royal Navy for 64 years, before retiring in 2017, and Harry followed him, before giving up royal titles last year and moving with Meghan to America.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who died on Friday at the age of 99, rose rapidly in rank, gaining promotion after promotion, with some believing he could have become First Sea Lord, the professional head of the Royal Navy.

However, the duke relinquished his active role in the naval forces to fulfill his duty as the queen's consort. In recognition of her long-standing relationship with the Royal Navy, in June 2011, the Queen awarded the Duke the title of Lord High Admiral to mark his 90th birthday.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry was known for having a close relationship with his grandfather and even named his son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor after him. In 1947, Prince Philip of Greece was naturalized as a British citizen and instead became Philip Mountbatten while working as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy.

The surname "Mountbatten-Windsor" was later given to the descendants of the queen and Prince Philip who are not future sovereigns, which is why Prince Charles does not have this surname.

George Ţucudean focuses on the family business

George Țucudean he retired to a dream realm after giving up football. He goes to the vineyard and tastes the wine, & icircn winery, with his millionaire grandfather and a famous specialist brought from Italy. There he will build a castle. & Icircncet & icircncet will take over all the family business.

Țucudean gave up football and took care of the family winery. He owns 60 hectares of vineyards near Arad. In the coming years, the vineyard will cover 100 hectares.

"I'm happy with what I'm doing, yes!" I know I was still here and I made the transition much faster. I have good mentors and I steal from them. You have to have good people and be present when the important periods are: spraying, harvesting & quot, said George Țucudean for, & icircn October 2020.

On Tucudean's domain there was also a castle, vandalized by gold diggers during the Austro-Hungarian Empire! There are a few stones left in it, and Țucudean & icircl will raise it again. For now, Crama Veche is the piece of resistance.

The most important lesson Nelson Mandela's niece learned from her grandfather

The daughter of Nelson Mandela's first son, who died at just 24 years old when his father was in prison, Ndileka Madela, now 55, a former nurse, has long been fond of his family and his illustrious grandfather.

His father, Thembekile Mandela, died on July 13, 1969 (when she was only four years old), in a car accident while Nelson Mandela was in prison on Robben Island and was not allowed to attend his son's funeral. or. & Icircn 2012, as a tribute to his father, Ndileka Madela created the & bdquoThembekile Mandela & ldquo Foundation, which promotes education and health programs & icircn rural communities in South Africa. Well-known social activist and former nurse, Ndileka Mandela launched her autobiography last year, entitled & bdquoI am Ndileka & rdquo ( & bdquoI am Ndileka & ldquo), a book that has enjoyed great success in many countries. Nelson Mandela reminisces about his family.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from your grandfather's life?

How to be humble and how to respect others.

If you were to describe Nelson Mandela in a sentence or a word, what would be that phrase or that word?

Ivanka Trump, rare pictures of family intimacy. Grandpa Donald also appears in the pictures

Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kushner, a real estate investor and developer, and they have three children together: Arabella, Joseph and Theo. The daughter of the former American president converted to Judaism in order to marry Jared.

According to some sources, it seems that Ivanka plans to write a book about her experience as the daughter of an American president, especially since she was also a counselor for her father during the four years at the White House. Ivanka has already written two books: & # 8222The Trump Book & # 8221 in 2009 and & # 8222Women Working & # 8221 in 2017. The source suggested that Ivankai’s potential interest in writing a third book would be that “she wants to clarify a list. long-term problems, including facing criticism ”.

Pictures of the privacy of the White House. Grandfather with grandchildren

Before launching a new book, Ivanka suffers from nostalgia so she shared on Instagram a series of pictures with her three children, along with Donald Trump. The little ones appear very happy in the pictures, while their grandfather gives them all the attention.

Photo source: Instagram

The photos were taken this year on November 24, and in one of them Ivankai's little boy, Theo, runs to his grandfather and takes him in his arms. All the children are festively dressed and smiling in front of the Oval Office. The Trump-Kushner children have navy blue winter clothes in all the pictures, except the last one, which shows Theo in his gray suit and navy blue tie.

Photo source: Instagram

The post was a hit with Trump supporters and received over 80,000 accolades in just one hour. Fans left comments praising Trump and the "precious" photos.

Rare picture with Prince George and Prince Philip: & # 8222I'll miss you, Grandpa & # 8221

Prince William paid homage to his grandfather, Prince Philip. The Duke passed away on April 9, 2021. The Duke of Cambridge published a rare image of Prince George and Prince Philip. The official Instagram account of the British Royal Family was taken by storm after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The picture shows Prince George reading a book. He is in the carriage with his great-grandfather. The picture was taken by Kate Middletonla in Norfolk, in 2015, writes

Marius G. Mihalache & # 8211 Şirieșule, rare leaf & # 8211 homage to my grandfather, the one born in the North Danube area, at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, on the axis of the Timoc Valley & # 8230

Marius G. Mihalache: A very interesting article, which awakens, as usual, at inappropriate times, some memories related to one of my grandparents…, born in the North Danube area, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, on the axis of the Timoc Valley, so in the extension of the border between Bulgaria and Serbia, as it would be drawn virtually on the territory of Romania, in a small village that has disappeared from the map now, and which was called Vlașca (there is still a commune near Bucharest or Fetești with this name, but unrelated … Nor with Vlașca County (pre-war), on Giurgiu).

When I was a child, my family, quite large at the time, used to meet on Saturdays, about twice a month, at a joint feast with grandparents, uncles, cousins… My uncle played the piano and guitar, I barely I had started to play the piano, my mother and grandparents sang with my voice, my sisters and father recited lyrics, so they always left a recital in the living room, which was not very spacious. Hits, romances, operetta, folklore, Elvis ci because she was still alive, or songs from the slum, in times when Maria Tanase was fashionable, when Mia Braia was arguing with her sister, Ioana Radu on the higher repertoire, when Fărâmiţă Lambru, in costume white, he displayed his ring on the top of the steering wheel of a merchant as white as his suit, passing under our cheerful balcony on Bd. Duca on the way to “Buffet on the road”, the current restaurant Casa Doina on Kisselef, where he competed with Romica Puceanu or Gabi Luncă… So I'm talking about the early 70's. And the slum meant everything that happened on the poorer streets, but adjacent to the main arteries. Where the richer ones commented endlessly… so to speak. But there were also a handful of pubs and gardens, traveling theaters and open-air cinemas.

Well, inevitably, in the middle of the fun, my grandfather - slightly "scented" from something crackling, pierced with a loud voice all the mud in the living room, with his eternal folk repertoire from 1900, autumn, he was born just then. They were the songs from Vlașca…, from his missing village. This thing kind of spoiled our mood for Elvis, but no, Grandpa was the boss there. Among those songs was one that stuck in my mind, I don't know why, but it had something special "Cherry, sparse leaf, meadow leaf…". For years I searched for that song, especially during music school, when I really wanted to amaze the folklore teacher, around a rather difficult exam (at that time I was passionate only about rock and jazz - that is, the folklore of others countries). I did not succeed!

It wasn't until the late 1990s that I found some information that led me to a collection of songs from a 1970 album, "Vlaska Muzika"…, Hmm, performed by a singer with a rather strange name, Nada Lezic and with a bit of a Banat flavor…, she was listening to me. My grandfather's version is a bit more Romanian, though. On this occasion I discovered all kinds of songs in Romanian, totally unknown to me, but very beautiful, and subsequent searches led me to their geographical source, namely the Timoc Valley and to the above-mentioned area of ​​Croatian Istria, where I live these Romanian-speaking communities. I had taken a wrong turn in my search, but I had seemed to discover a treasure…, at least from this point of view, of music. (Well, I didn't have internet).

I read somewhere a possible explanation, namely that during the withdrawal of Roman armies from the occupied territories, during the fall of the Roman Empire, soldiers who had made a family in the meantime, already having children born in Dacia, fed up with other wars, chose to desert together with their families in the more isolated areas on the way back to Rome, and the shortest route seems to be the one that crosses Serbia from now on, later reaching the Adriatic coast and northern Italy. There are generally wooded, mountainous, isolated areas, through which I passed many years ago (for 3 months) crossing Serbia, on the way to Bosnia and Croatia - where, despite the Cyrillic alphabet, the language spoken was and is obviously loud. Latin. The Cyrillic alphabet is based on the ancient / ancient Greek alphabet, apparently used by two Romanian-Macedonians, in the transcription of Greek church works, transformed into ancient Slavic later imported as a cult dialect by the Orthodox Slavic peoples and liturgical foreign language in Romania, imposed during Slavic domination, imposed on us until the ninth century. We had in the library books in Romanian written in the Cyrillic alphabet, fiction and not religious literature, published around 1800. It would be said that we are just learning or re-learning the Romanian language, or its writing. However, Romanian communities are also present in Northern Europe, in Ukraine, Poland, or further, so the explanations in the article above are really documented. Commendable initiative - not forgetting them.

However, I am left with the thought of forgetting the borders, not of forgetting the way in which they appeared, which, in general, we, the People on this planet, should be a little embarrassed about.

Mircea Radu, pictures with his grandfather, father and son! Four generations, the same charm

Mircea Radu is 51 years old, but time has been bl & acircnd with him, being still a handsome, charming man, with glue on his admirers, whom he melts with a simple smile and the dimples in his cheeks. Recently, he posted on social media a photo with his father, who, in his youth, swore that he was a Hollywood actor: & rdquo and the inner turmoil & rdquo, he says.

PHOTO: Mircea Radu at 4 years old and present

Mircea Radu, who met the celebrity with the role of Cupid, from the show & rdquoDin dragoste & rdquo, broadcast by Antena 1, & icircn the period 2000-2009, is an incurable romantic and a convinced family man, often remembering & icircn his writings, but also & icircn interviews, about his parents, who outlined his professional future. They wanted him as an engineer: & rdquoDad said being an engineer is a very good thing, it's a good job, honorable, you did college, so you're looked at differently. My mother, with whom I had a closer relationship, said: "But I don't like that," but she, loving me very much, I repeat, being the only child, did not see me in any form as a teacher of the Romanian language. a village. He didn't want to conceive of such a thing, let the boy leave his house who knows where. And then, from this tacit collaboration of my parents, it was decided that I should follow this faculty, "despite my actions", he confessed, for

Mircea Radu posted a collage of photos & icircn that appears with his grandfather, father and son, Tudor
photo: Facebook / Mircea Radu

Mircea inherited something from both parents: & rdquoI think I look like my mother in nature, in appearance and in my father, but from her I have green eyes and inner turmoil. My father was a foreman at a factory in Bucharest, and my mother was a clerk at a company. Some very kind people with a very good marriage. It complemented well & rdquo.

He also told a funny story, from adolescence, when he had already started to break the hearts of girls, with his native charm: "Neighbor Tanti Borşuleasa" said to me: ruin among women! But they will eat your soul too! & Ldquo. Mircea Radu, who for years was nominated & rdquoThe sexiest tv star & rdquo, is now a father of grade 10 for the two children, Tudor (5 and a half years) and Clara (3 years), whom he has with Dr. Raluca Olaru (32 years old).

& rdquoIt wasn't love at first sight. We met by accident. The first impact was her eyes. He has the darkest eyes I've ever seen. His eyes are almost black. I liked her eyes, she has a beautiful smile, I liked her teeth and last but not least I liked being a doctor. I also liked that he had a sense of humor. I was an experienced man and I realized what was going on and what wasn't, "the TV presenter said, about half of it," in another interview.

He lives with his family in Piatra-Neamț

At present, the whole family is in Piatra-Neamț, his wife's hometown: I work from home. I watch the TVR news, I mainly listen to the public radio station and I read. I do this while I take care of the children - lessons, play and warm up for lunch, then their afternoon sleep. Then my wife comes from the clinic and tells me how things are from her point of view, of a doctor who is in the front line of the fight against coronavirus, says Mircea Radu, the reality show presenter, for Click !, two months ago. of his, & bdquoDown the Road. Adventure & rdquo (TVR 1).

Grandpa's trout - Recipes

Princes William and Harry paid homage to their grandfather, Prince Philip, yesterday, and their messages were soon sent one after the other. They described him as a man of honor, with a special sense of humor.

"The centenary of my grandfather's life was defined by service in the service of his country and the Commonwealth, his wife and the Queen and our family.

I feel very lucky to have not only his example that guided me, but also his presence a lot in my adult life & # 8211 both, in good times and in the hardest days. I will always be grateful that my wife was so old to know my grandfather for the kindness he showed her. I will not take for granted the special memories that my children will always have with their great-grandfather coming to take them with the carriage and that they themselves saw his contagious sense of adventure, as well as his sense of humor.

My grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation. Catherine and I will continue to do what he wants, and we will support the Queen for years to come. I will miss my grandfather, but I know he would have wanted us to continue the work, "said Prince William.

Prince Harry returned to Britain on Sunday to attend his grandfather's funeral, but without Meghan Markle. However, he sent a message from both of them, through the Archewell Foundation.

"My grandfather was really himself, with a very sharp intelligence and could capture the attention of any room because of his charm, but also because you never knew what he was going to say. He will be remembered as the longest-lived consort of a monarch, as a decorated soldier, as a prince, and as a duke. But to me, as to anyone who has lost a loved one or a grandfather during this painful year, he was my grandfather: a master of grilled steaks, a legend of persiflage, and a restless end.

Although I could go on like this for a long time, I know that if he were still here, he would tell us, holding a beer in his hand, "Come on, finish this!"

We will miss him terribly and he will be remembered forever by our nation and the whole world. "Meghan, Archie and I (as well as his future great-granddaughter) will always have a special place for him in our hearts & # 8221," added Prince Harry.

It is not known if the brothers met these days. The funeral of Prince Philip, who died on April 9, will take place this Saturday, April 17, at St. George from Windsor Castle, local time 15.00.

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